Final Fantasy: Dragoon's Birth - Homepage

Once upon a time long ago, it's said, two factions of dragons began to fight over the fate of humankind -- those lead by Bahamut were good and wanted them to live, those lead by Tiamat thought that humans should be exterminated. Furthermore, the legends tell of Bahamut sharing his wisdom with the Dragon Knights (who would later become the three orders of dragoons) and of Tiamat and her followers turning some humans into evil monsters called "thralls". It is said that the good dragons won, but then retreated behind the mountains to the west so that the fight would never start anew...

But the truth, unbeknownst to most, is that the war just went underground, and became a sort of chess game. Bahamut has a church, and the three dragoon orders are said to follow his teachings... but they're really out to prevent those manipulated by Tiamat's followers, particularly the legendary thralls (who in truth are humans who sold their freedom for power), from gaining the upper hand in humankind's power struggles, and often get guidance and aid from the dragon clans which followed Bahamut.

The trouble is, the dragoons are dwindling in number, and Tiamat's followers are coming to gain the upper hand... so it's time for the secret to come out, and for the dragoons to seek the aid of others... others who are willing to help gather the power of the four elemental crystals and find the Shrine of the Elements so that the way to the land of the angels, where it is said that Bahamut himself went at the end of the war, can be opened and his help can be enlisted.

Final Fantasy: Dragoon's Birth is a Role-Playing Game in the theme of the Final Fantasy RPG series. At time of writing the RPG has not yet started; however, it is not currently open to new players. Any interested parties are invited to watch sessions or read session logs, and information about session times, as well as logs from sessions, will be made available here. Sessions will most likely take place on the EsperNet IRC network or on a private server.