Wisdoms of Mana

Wisdoms of Mana is a game setting by Pteryx which is inspired by the Seiken Densetsu series, and particularly the remake of Seiken Densetsu. The relevant U.S. titles are "Final Fantasy Adventure" (SD1), "Secret of Mana" (SD2), and "Sword of Mana" (remake of SD1). Note that Seiken Densetsu III was not released in the US, but an unofficial translated version is available on the Internet.

The following files are logs of a trial run of this RPG, with Pteryx as GM, with the boy (Serle) played by Storm and the girl (Adria) played by Kushu. Time will tell if we get a third party member in this game. ;P

These chapter logs have been autogenerated by the HTML logging facility of RPGServ (Lachesis subprogram), and subject to minor editing.