Once Egmon is brought in and locked up, Edgeworth asks for the suspect's address. As it happens, Egmon's home is on the top floor of his shop, which is not all that far from the crime scene. After brief discussion of the situation, the others head back to their dorms for the night, while Edgeworth and Althea make their way back to the area.

Upon arriving, they note that the atmosphere is back to something resembling normal; apparently, there's been some cleanup or coverup at the park since they investigated the scene. Egmon's residence turns out to be accessable only by a set of stairs in the back, with the storefront on the ground floor and the workshop in the basement.

Althea heads slowly up the stairs, looking at the door and taking a deep breath before knocking.
Edgeworth makes his way halfway up the steps himself.

Almost immediately there are quiet footsteps heard and the door begins to open... but only to the point of providing enough space for someone to look outside easily; a thick chain appears to run from a fixture on the inner door frame to somewhere on the door itself, preventing it from opening any further. A gnomish woman with a worried expression peers around the side of the door at Althea. "Yes...? What is it?"

Edgeworth raises an eyebrow at the rattle of the chain being pulled taut.
Althea: Mrs. Niralamba? My name is Althea d'Jorasco. I have some important but troubling news about your husband—
Lalitamah's eyes widen. "Jorasco? Did something happen? Is he hurt?!"
Edgeworth frowns.
Edgeworth: Given her demeanor, it seems all the more important that I wait until Althea calls attention to my presence before I speak.
Althea shakes her head. "Despite my family association, I am not a healer; my reasons for being here are somewhat more complicated. As for your husband, he is unharmed, but he is unable to return here for the moment. Would it be all right if my associate and I came in? Any further detail should best be discussed in private..."
Edgeworth peers at Althea briefly. Associate?
Edgeworth: Alternately, if it's enough to know that he's currently in a safe place, then we can at your discretion be on our way.
Lalitamah looks around Althea, showing momentary confusion, but Edgeworth speaking up removes it. "Ah... Egmon doesn't like to let strangers in... but I suppose it's all right. Hold on a moment." She closes the door, and a bit of metal rattling can be heard.
Lalitamah opens the door again, this time somewhat more fully. Unlike before, however, this time she seems to holding a knife, albeit not in a particularly threatening manner; if anything, she seems almost embarrassed to be carrying it, though she makes no attempt to hide it.
Edgeworth regards the gnome's demeanor with confusion.
Lalitamah: Um, please, come in...
Althea nods and steps through the door.
Edgeworth climbs the rest of the way up the steps and follows, eyeing Lalitamah all the while.
Edgeworth: Uneasy with the prospect or not, I cannot help but be on edge around a stranger brandishing a weapon...
Lalitamah leads the two to a living room after closing the door, and affixing the end of the chain hanging from the frame to a hook on the back of the door. She sits down in a chair with the knife in her lap, playing nervously with the handle. "Sorry, you were saying about Egmon?"
Edgeworth remains standing. "Are you aware of the incident that occurred in the park nearby early this evening?"
Lalitamah: Incident?
Althea: There was... an altercation... a Sivis heir by the name of Talbo was killed.
Lalitamah blinks. "Talbo? Dead? That's... who would want to...?"
Edgeworth: We're still in the process of determining that.
Althea: His body was found in the park a few hours ago, stabbed with a sword...
Lalitamah's eyes widen. "You don't... you can't think that Egmon...?"
Edgeworth: ...
Althea: I'm... sorry to say that based on the evidence, there's little doubt that Egmon struck the blow in question...
Lalitamah: But... he wouldn't... he only wanted to protect...
Edgeworth: ...So we're aware. Indeed, the blow in question was a counterattack; he killed in self-defense.
Lalitamah: Talbo attacked him...? What could possibly... has that woman's madness spread...?
Edgeworth: As near as I can determine, "that woman" has been blinded recently, which raises fundamental questions.
Lalitamah: Do you think that's a symptom?
Edgeworth peers at Lalitamah. "I beg your pardon?"
Lalitamah: You know, of whatever is making her crazy.
Althea rubs her forehead slightly. "I think he was thinking more along the lines of motive."
Edgeworth: Er, yes. The question of how she became blind may lead to the truth behind why Talbo attacked Egmon to begin with.
Lalitamah: Oh. Well, if you need advice on how to talk to her, I definitely can't help you... You definitely need to be careful what you bring up around her, though, especially about her family...
Edgeworth clenches his teeth. "So I've discovered. Had her sight been uncompromised, I have little doubt that you and I would share a common experience."
Lalitamah shakes her head. "There seems to be no understanding or reasoning with her; I don't know how Talbo manages."
Edgeworth crosses his arms. "Unfortunately, it's now impossible to ask."
Lalitamah sighs and shakes her head. "It's still hard to imagine..." She then frowns. "But if that's happened, then where is Egmon? You said he wasn't hurt, but..."
Althea: For the time being, he's in custody while we investigate the incident. Given the circumstances under which we found him, it's... probably best for his own safety as well...
Lalitamah: His own... why? What happened to him?!
Edgeworth uncrosses his arms and regards Lalitamah with a sober, grim expression. "...That such an incident could occur around him at all... caused him to fear continued life more than death."
Althea nods slowly. "When I found him... he was attempting to fall upon his own sword..."
Lalitamah looks stricken, clenching the handle of the knife in her hand reflexively for a few moments, then glancing at it almost as if noticing it for the first time. A moment later she throws it to the floor, tears in her eyes.
Edgeworth: If it's any consolation, he eventually came to realize that such a course would be unfair to you. Nevertheless, we can't be certain what actions he might take against himself or others, nor what others may do to him, under the circumstances.
Lalitamah takes a moment to find her voice. "...These precautions, these weapons... supposed to protect us... but that's not what they do, it's not what they're really for... why couldn't he..."
Edgeworth: ...
Edgeworth glances away uneasily.
Althea: ...I get the feeling he thought he didn't really have a choice...
Lalitamah: ...how... did you even find out any of this?
Edgeworth looks back to Lalitamah. "We discovered the scene of the crime, including the body, shortly after the incident occurred."
Edgeworth glances to Althea awkwardly.
Althea: And tracked your husband by a trail left by his sword...
Lalitamah: Then the Trust really has turned their back on us completely...
Lalitamah shivers.
Edgeworth pauses, then stands straighter as his face hardens into a glare. "Whatever the truth behind all of this may be, I promise you that I'll find it. It will undoubtedly be unpleasant, but you needn't rely on dubious aid from the shadows."
Lalitamah looks up at Edgeworth, then looks away again. "Even so, what would happen the next time something like this happens? If they're making it obvious they've stopped protecting us, who knows who might do what?"
Edgeworth: That will depend, in part, on the full scope of the role your husband played in the incident. If he defended himself and nothing more, then moving to another country would seem the obvious course.
Edgeworth's glare grows colder. "If, however, it should turn out that Egmon is responsible for Ms. Vadin's blindness, that would entail a provocation."
Lalitamah: A... Another country? But how would... where would we... ...what do you mean, if he's responsible? How would Egmon be responsible for that?
Edgeworth crosses his arms. "It's only a hypothetical scenario, but subjecting her to poison or disease due to his grudge comes immediately to mind. I have neither proof nor disproof that this is the case, only an awareness of the fact that he still resents Ms. Vadin for her assault against you."
Edgeworth frowns as he taps his finger on his arm. "...This is another reason why he must remain imprisoned until we know what the truth of the matter really is."
Lalitamah: She was poisoned? That's hardly the kind of thing Egmon would be involved with. He's a blacksmith, he makes these things to protect us.
Lalitamah gestures to the knife lying on the floor.
Edgeworth: Er, ma'am, I just finished explaining that we don't know whether she was or not. I was merely proposing a means by which he could have done such a thing, whether it's the truth or not.
Edgeworth: It will take time and effort to determine what the truth of the matter really is.
Lalitamah frowns. "It doesn't sound like you're doing that good a job, if you think Egmon blinded her but you don't know how, and you have a Jorasco healer but you don't know if she's poisoned..."
Althea: I'm... not a healer, and I haven't seen or spoken with Ms. Vadin yet...
Lalitamah: Well how do you even know she's blind then? And what exactly are you, anyway, either of you?
Edgeworth uncrosses his arms and rubs his temple. "Because I visited her."
Edgeworth: Why am I struck with the sense of facing an officer upon the stand?
Althea glances at Edgeworth awkwardly, then looks back to Lalitamah. "I'm a researcher from Morgrave University. ...so basically a sort of adventurer, more or less..."
Edgeworth: As for myself... er, normally, I'm a prosecutor. Since my arrival on Eberron, however, I've found myself needing to adapt to the role of a cleric.
Lalitamah: Arrival on Eberron? What, did you prosecute crimes in Daanvi or something?
Edgeworth blinks. "Er..."
Althea: Um, no, not exactly... it's complicated...
Edgeworth rubs his forehead. Unfortunately, I suspect that any attempt to clarify the matter would simply make matters worse to no appreciable gain.
Edgeworth clears his throat. "Anyway, what matters is that my sole duty is to the truth, and the very nature of this world acknowledges this to be so."
Lalitamah stares blankly at Edgeworth. "What are you even talking about?"
Edgeworth pulls his badge out of his pocket and holds it in his cupped hand... Perhaps evidence will be clearer to her than words. At the very least, I desperately hope this is the case!
Edgeworth's expression firms with resolve. Through reason, the truth grows clear. Through truth, justice becomes possible. Through justice, we drive away barbarism!

The room is suddenly filled with pale blue light radiating from Edgeworth's badge, with white and pastel blue clouds fading in and out of existence at random points.

Lalitamah blinks. "Oh, huh... You just mean you're a cleric of 'truth' or something?"
Edgeworth sighs in relief, letting the light fade. "Essentially, yes."
Lalitamah: I suppose if the Trust's decided they're not interested, then anyone who cares to can step in to take their place? ...I suppose there are worse possibilities...
Lalitamah shakes her head. "So instead of 'dubious aid from the shadows,' I have only the dubious aid that stands before me..."
Edgeworth glowers at Lalitamah. I can hardly wait to obtain the social sanction to complement that of the very laws of physics.
Edgeworth's scowl fades as repockets his badge. "In any case, we've only been on the job for a few hours, and in that time, we've arguably learned more about the time Ms. Vadin assaulted you than about the circumstances of the current incident."
Edgeworth: It's been my experience that a full understanding of older crimes can be critically important to finding the truth behind newer ones involving some of the same people.
Edgeworth: However, my understanding of that incident remains incomplete. Would you be willing to discuss the matter?
Lalitamah sighs. "I try not to dwell on it too much, but I suppose it could be important..."
Edgeworth pulls out his organizer and pen.
Lalitamah: I don't really know Chidellof all that well. Mostly I just know about her and Talbo being the kids of well-respected diplomats, Bemmir Vadin Chivarach and Ferramilor Santor d'Sivis.
Althea blinks. "From the Brelish outlands negotiation...?"
Edgeworth looks over to Althea...
Lalitamah hmphs. "If you can call it a negotiation. Whole thing sounded like more of a sacrifice to me."
Althea turns to Edgeworth. "Bemmir Vadin Chivarach and Ferramilor Santor d'Sivis were both Zil diplomats working with Breland during the Last War, after Zilargo shifted from a neutral stance to a direct alliance with Breland. The Brelish outlands negotiation refers to a failed attempt to negotiate a settlement with a rebellious faction in what used to be the western frontier of Breland, and is now the nation of Droaam."
Althea: That effort died abruptly in early 987, when the diplomats on Breland's side of that negotiation were assassinated before they even departed for the supposed negotiation site...
Althea: Ultimately, this left Breland with little choice but to abandon the region, and set the tone for the general political situation with Droaam, as they had essentially established themselves as an entity that could not be approached or reasoned with...
Althea: This is typically cited as one of the biggest reasons why they were excluded from the post-war negotiations that resulted in the Treaty of Thronehold.
Edgeworth nods grimly.
Edgeworth writes, then looks back to Lalitamah. "And for what reason do you believe this was a deliberate sacrifice?"
Lalitamah: Well, what else can you expect out of those monsters? They've been doing stuff like this all the time. The only point of having a 'negotiation' was so that Breland could save face when they had to withdraw.
Althea looks toward Lalitamah, then back to Edgeworth, appearing somewhat confused.
Edgeworth: I cannot expect anything, given that I know almost nothing of this world's history.
Althea: Er, I'm not quite sure I follow. The Daughters' uprising only started in 986, the opportunities for diplomatic contact were pretty limited. Are you referring to something before the rebellion?
Lalitamah frowns, looking a bit confused herself. "Are you sure? I could have sworn I heard something about... well, I mean, you know what their reputation is like."
Althea rubs her forehead slightly. "At the time, little was known about them. This was the incident that largely established that reputation..."
Edgeworth puts his finger to his temple in thought, then taps it and grins. "I believe the nature of the assault against you is considerably clearer now."
Lalitamah frowns. "Um... well, anyway, I was just trying to be polite, cause it was a real shame what happened to them and all..."
Althea: It would certainly seem "shame" was a part of the issue, yes...
Edgeworth: And yet, that's precisely the opposite of what Ms. Vadin believed she was hearing, as your interpretation of matters was ultimately a grave insult to the intelligence of the diplomats who agreed to take part in such an endeavor.
Lalitamah: Um...
Edgeworth points at Lalitamah. "If it had been so obvious what the results would be, then what diplomat in their right mind would agree to such a thing?!"
Lalitamah sounds much less certain of herself anymore. "Well, obviously, someone who had been boxed into a corner and didn't have a choice..."
Edgeworth smirks cruelly. "And is there any reason you would know of such coercion any better than the daughter of one of the diplomats in question?"
Lalitamah: Er...
Althea: The notion that they could be manipulated into sacrificing their lives in a pointless endeavor is just as insulting, particularly for those of such high station.
Lalitamah has stopped making eye contact at this point, but continues in a quieter voice. "It wasn't pointless, it was just ugly. I mean, they had to get Breland willing to evacuate somehow..."
Althea: If there were any sort of compelling evidence of how badly the Daughters' faction would react to an attempt at diplomacy, you don't think that evidence would suffice to grease the political wheels on that?
Lalitamah: Well... I mean... if it couldn't be made public or something... I mean, you know how messy politics can get in other countries...
Althea rubs her forehead further, not responding for the moment.
Edgeworth: If a failure to reveal a secret would result in the deaths of either citizens or important officials, I find it hard to believe that it wouldn't be revealed.
Althea: Not to mention, foreknowledge would open other possibilities. A foiled assassination attempt could have sent as strong a message as a successful one in these circumstances.
Lalitamah: ...
Lalitamah: I... guess that explains how she got so upset anyway...
Edgeworth: Verily. Furthermore, your logic was so deeply fractured that it's entirely possible that the Trust assumed that you provoked her deliberately — hence why you were given a warning rather than her.
Lalitamah: How was I supposed to know all that stuff you rattled off, though? I'm not a scholar.
Edgeworth: What, then, is your occupation?
Lalitamah: I work at the Korranberg Chronicle.
Edgeworth holds his head in his hand.
Althea stares at Lalitamah...
Lalitamah: ...What? I'm not a reporter or anything, I just deliver papers.
Edgeworth: ...Nevertheless, you ought to have a basic understanding of the course of recent events due to your exposure to the paper and those who produce it.
Lalitamah: Well, yeah, I mean, I heard of their parents and all. Just not a whole lot of detail. I just focus on making sure stuff gets delivered on time, mostly.
Edgeworth sighs and continues to write in his organizer.
Althea shakes her head. I find myself suddenly envious of Edgeworth's potential to detect untruths... She seems straightforward, but that's hard to swallow coming from a Zil who works at the Chronicle...
Edgeworth: ...Anyway, I presume the assault must have taken place some time ago given that your husband had sufficient time to learn how to use a sword properly.
Lalitamah: It's been about three years since it happened.
Edgeworth: Were there any witnesses?
Lalitamah: Aside from the Trust? Egmon was there... I remember one other person saw it as well, I think she's a member of the orchestra. Ellymoha Cissot Adredar.
Althea blinks and looks to Edgeworth.
Edgeworth blinks and looks to Althea... The flutist who was nervous for no discernable reason this afternoon...
Lalitamah: Huh? Is... something wrong?
Edgeworth looks back to Lalitamah. "On the contrary, you may well have given us a vital clue."
Lalitamah: ...If you say so.
Althea: It at the least gives us a place to start. Thank you for your time and cooperation.
Edgeworth puts his pen and organizer away and bows. "Indeed."
Lalitamah: Um, one other thing... can I see my husband?
Edgeworth: It would be necessary for us to inform those holding him to allow you to do so, so not tonight. Once you have the necessary clearance to do so, they would likely do whatever is necessary to ensure that you're bringing nothing but your company to him.
Althea: We will be doing everything we can to make sure he's detained no longer than necessary, as well...
Lalitamah: I... see...
Edgeworth frowns sympathetically. "Please understand that we're doing our best to operate within the limitations of the resources available to us."
Lalitamah sighs. "I guess it really could be a lot worse..."
Edgeworth: We'll inform you when the necessary arrangements have been made.
Lalitamah nods slowly.
Edgeworth heads for the door out. "Until then, take care."
Althea follows Edgeworth.
Lalitamah just stares at the knife on the floor...
Edgeworth makes his way down the exterior stairs. "The fruits of that harvest were somewhat harder to earn than average, but for our efforts we have a greater understanding of both Mr. Niralamba's and Ms. Vadin's motivations, as well as the possibility of another involved party having been raised."
Althea closes the door behind her upon exiting. "Mm. It is quite the coincidence for us to have run into the only other witness before even getting involved in this situation..."
Althea: Do you think she was being entirely honest about her disinterest in the information she could glean from her job?
Edgeworth half-frowns. "Absolutely so. I'm all too familiar with those of her... underendowment of intellect."
Althea: I... certainly can't say that I haven't run into unusual cases among the Zil, but... As valuable a job as hers would be to many Zil, I wonder how someone that lacking in ambition landed it...
Edgeworth: It would be far from the first time that I've seen people obtain and keep employment despite themselves.
Edgeworth shrugs.
Althea: I suppose. For that matter, maybe someone actually not trying to actively profit off such a role is itself uniquely valuable?
Edgeworth grins. "Perhaps."
Althea: At any rate, as late as it is, it's best we resumed our efforts in the morning.
Edgeworth: Indeed; otherwise, it's all too likely that I would sleep through dawn...
Edgeworth takes out his organizer and flips to the separate page he wrote on earlier, lapsing into thought as he gazes upon it.
Edgeworth: It's strange. While I had already experienced the sensation of being a conduit for energy when I 'turned' before, as well as that of having spells respond to their rightful place in the world of justice and pursuit of truth through both the use of a wand and the... experience of calling spells to me during communion, to cast a spell personally entailed more than a simple combination of the two.
Edgeworth: Indeed, it seemed almost as though I was doing only part of the work of shaping and controlling the spell I cast to read Egmon's thoughts. Is that impression unique to 'divine magic'? Certainly it would explain why others assume the involvement of a higher intelligence if so, particularly given that the usual sorts of beliefs that enable such potential would tend to result in circular logic of that nature.
Edgeworth writes a bit more on that page.
Edgeworth: After all, the truth behind the incident this afternoon is far from the only truth we're in pursuit of.
Althea nods.
Edgeworth: I can only hope that I'm free of such corruption myself...

Given how late the investigation happened to run that evening, once Edgeworth awakens, he has no time to do more than hurriedly bathe, dress, and grab an apple to consume on his way to the Korranberg Archive, a branch of the Archival Foundation beneath a bookstore built at the edge of the Paper Market.

Dil looks over to Edgeworth with a grin as the prosecutor enters the first basement from the formerly-secret staircase. "Good morning. So how was the con—"
Edgeworth doesn't even look at Dil, simply putting some notes removed from his organizer on the table before the seeming half-elf without breaking his purposeful stride across the room to the stairs further down.
Dil: —cert...
Dil blinks. "Something happened, didn't it?"
Edgeworth nods even as he rapidly begins his descent further in. "Indeed."
Dil stares at the visible stairway for a moment after Edgeworth disappears down them... then grins.

Upon reaching the second basement, Edgeworth wastes no time in heading directly to the stairs beneath those that lead into the third, then across the open stone, arch-supported third basement to the stairs down into the fourth.

Edgeworth heads down the hallway past several doors marked with various symbols, only stopping to open one when he reaches the one with no symbol at all. Inside is a room whose walls and ceiling are obscured by an illusion of the sky as it appears outside at the moment.
Edgeworth turns to face east, standing arrow-straight. Altogether too many questions beg to be answered. It's rather irritating that the answers to some can only come through inaction of a sort, and an entire hour thereof at that...
Edgeworth takes a breath. But I'm forced to admit that it's an hour well-spent. I simply need to still myself sufficiently to invest that hour before dawn breaks, lest I miss that vital window of opportunity.
Edgeworth closes his eyes slowly. I need only open myself to the tiny fragment of the truth which is my own responsibility to bear and allow it the opportunity to meet my needs, reserving questions and judgment for later lest I simply face my own prejudices instead...
Edgeworth: It's still strange to consider the value of growing used to such a thing, in a way.
Edgeworth simply shakes his head and tries to force himself to set his thoughts aside for the moment.

Five minutes pass in silence as Edgeworth's breathing slows... until suddenly, when the very first rays of dawn's light peeks over the simulated eastern horizon, the prosecutor gasps lightly. His eyes twitch as though he were dreaming, yet his breathing is if anything calmer and deeper after his initial reaction...

Meanwhile, a handful of minutes before the moment of dawn's breaking, Althea arrives at the Archive with both Illyvalen and Tikra in her company. Despite the inevitable attention Tikra's presence attracts, the three make it down to the first basement without too much fuss.

Dil simply grins at the three, not contributing to the stares or mutterings some of those present in the room react to Tikra with.
Dil: It's interesting to see you two here so early, or your friend here at all.
Althea nods to Dil and takes a seat nearby. "A lot's happened. I might be pulled away here momentarily, so excuse me if any conversation gets interrupted."
Dil frowns. "Because of what happened yesterday morning?..."
Illyvalen glances worriedly at Althea.
Althea: Indeed. It's too soon to know if that was a singular occurrence...
Tikra: There is evidence in favor of such a conclusion; however, we should be prepared for alternative possibilities...
Dil nods... "I didn't hear a lot about it; Edgeworth went to find you as soon as he heard the very basics."
Dil: For that matter, he seemed like he was on a mission when he passed through here a few minutes ago. He left these in front of me and didn't even say hello...
Dil holds up the new notes briefly.
Althea: That likely has more to do with what happened after the concert.
Althea sighs and looks around. "Have you seen Belgiwig today? I'll have to talk to him about this at some point..."
Dil shakes his head. "Not yet, but I think he's supposed to be free this morning. Why?..."
Althea: The matter concerns him on a somewhat personal level, I'm afraid. You... spoke once of witnessing our visitor on a 'crusade'... I regret to say we've stumbled into that very opportunity.
Dil nods, standing from the table he's at and approaching the others. "I thought that might be the case, but it has to do with Belgiwig?..."
Althea: It... concerns a family member...
Illyvalen looks troubled and takes hold of Tikra's arm.
Althea: Last night, after the concert... we found the site of a murder...
Dil's eyes widen slightly. "The Trust let a murder happen?..."

Murmurs and uneasy glances fill the room...

Tikra: And let its aftermath be witnessed.
Dil puts a finger to his lip... "That's really strange... why a murder, of all things?"
Althea: We're still investigating the circumstances...
Dil: But why is it a murder that you're investigating? A theft would have been enough, wouldn't it?

Some of the others in the room stare at Dil for that.

Althea: ...I can't answer that. Not yet. We simply... don't know enough about the situation...
Dil frowns...
Althea shakes her head. "In any event, I think we're past the critical moment. Doesn't look like a repeat of yesterday morning's incident is an immediate concern any longer."
Althea: Tikra and Edgeworth both helped research that for much of yesterday. It seems there have been a number of such incidents over the course of history, though they involved scrying rather than involuntary visions.
Dil: Illyvalen didn't have a chance to say anything about what happened other than that you lapsed into a vision at sunrise and said 'The prosecution is ready' in English."
Althea nods and takes paper from her own backpack, handing it to Dil. "My side of it is accounted for as best I was able. Tikra has had to fill me in on what others observed from me during the experience."
Dil accepts the notes and looks them over... then smirks. "It matches well, doesn't it?"
Althea nods.
Althea: It seems that while thus absorbed, I spoke of a grand trial prosecuted against falsehood, ignorance, and injustice, presided over by infinite truth. ...and of having been called as a witness for the prosecution.

A gnome begins writing things down, while several other people around stare at Althea. Two of those present look to each other briefly, then back to Althea...

Dil is silent in thought for a moment... then begins chuckling.
Illyvalen: ...I hadn't really thought of being a seer as scary before that...
Tikra: ...
Althea shrugs. "There's danger in just about everything, no use worrying too much about it. And it did lead to some interesting research."
Dil's chuckling dies down. "And an interesting way for that form to show itself."
Althea nods slowly. "He's acknowledged that an agency of his bearing responsibility is at least conceivable, given his sense of being in an 'enhanced state' while praying."
Dil hmms. "But he didn't seem aware that anything like this happened until Illyvalen arrived..."
Althea: And he was quite surprised to find out that I had witnessed part of his communion.
Tikra: You also testified that his summoning of witnesses was autonomous.
Dil: It's almost as if this form is eager to make itself known, now that everything is in place for it to happen.
Althea: Perhaps that also helps explain how rapid his progress has been.
Althea: For that matter, he himself suggested the possibility that what's fixated my visions on him might be analogous to some form of magnetism.
Dil raises an eyebrow.
Tikra: He spoke also of some kind of lightning-enhanced magnet in analogy to the effect of his enhanced state.
Althea: Well, electricity-enhanced, anyway. I suspect they have a more subtle way of gathering and utilizing it, given the absence of elementals and the like.
Dil: Huh...
Dil shrugs. "I guess that's one way of looking at it, anyway. And if you compare knowledge to iron, it even fits with the rest of what we've seen."
Althea nods.
Dil: Speaking of his way of looking at things, I think I'm going to have to take you up on your offer of translation help for his description of first contact.
Dil shakes his head. "The ideas from his world he's presenting are just too far beyond me..."
Althea: I can't say I'm surprised. It's difficult to find enough of a bridge between our worlds' respective understanding of science even with as much context as he's able to provide. I have to admit to being more than a bit lost regarding a great deal of it myself...
Althea: It's a shame the sole example of his world's technology he brought with him is something a clockmaker could replicate easily given a bit of time and material; it's the ability to produce such a thing cheaply that's unique to his world, not the ability to do so at all...
Dil: Have you asked?
Dil shrugs.
Althea: ...I'm not sure if I have explicitly, actually... I would imagine if he has he'd be reluctant to part with it, but given the importance he places on knowledge and understanding...
Althea: ...of course, there's no guarantee we'd be able to understand any such device even if we took it apart, and certainly no guarantee that we could put it back together, and very little chance we could repair it if we broke it...
Tikra: There are few guarantees in any worthwhile endeavor.
Althea: Fair enough. It is a lot to ask of him, though. Still... the matter is worth bringing up.
Althea: At any rate, I suspect Illyvalen and I could easily round up a few eager volunteers, given the rarity of the opportunity.
Dil grins.
Dil: Though it sounds like you have bigger problems to deal with first.
Althea: Indeed. This could well set back my efforts to get my own obligations wrapped up quickly... Still, we're involved, I can't walk away from something like this any more than he can.
Illyvalen: I... don't know if I can do any good... but I want to help... if it could make a difference for someone else...
Illyvalen shudders slightly.
Althea frowns worriedly but doesn't comment.
Tikra: None of us face this bane alone.
Illyvalen nods to Tikra.
Dil frowns. "If so many of you are already working on this, I don't know how much I can really add, especially given that I'm more prepared for my usual tasks than for an adventure right now..."
Althea shrugs. "It's not like all of us are uniquely suited to the effort either. I'd say it's your call as to just how closely you want to see him at work."
Dil thinks for a moment, then grins. "I think I'd be too tempted to just follow you instead of continuing my work here if I passed on a chance like this."
Belgiwig: Olladra is more of a friend of the Traveler than most have acknowledged since the Schism.
Belgiwig walks over from the door to the stairs up.
Belgiwig: Though I've arrived too late to know what bounty she's offered by chance.
Dil: Sir!...
Althea: Definitely something of a Traveler's boon, I'd have to say. ...There is news I must give you, and it might be best to do so in a slightly more private setting...
Belgiwig frowns and nods slowly... "Understood, understood... Shall we fade into the mists now, then?"
Althea nods.
Dil: As long as we're waiting, can I copy the notes you shared, Althea?
Dil shrugs. "They make an interesting comparison with how he described communion, as he puts it."
Belgiwig blinks.
Althea: Be my guest.
Dil grins. "Thanks!"
Belgiwig shrugs. "Paper has infinite patience, I suppose." With that he heads for the stairs down.
Althea follows Belgiwig.

Belgiwig leads Althea down to the second floor, to the end of the hall central to that floor, and unlocks a door covered by an illusion of a wall. At the bottom of the long, dim, cramped staircase beyond it is a metal door; Belgiwig opens this with another key to reveal a gnome-scaled office and seats himself behind the desk there.

Althea takes a seat on the other side of the desk. "...Edgeworth and I attended a concert last night along with a few members of the research team I've been working with at the Library. On the way back... we investigated a disturbance in the evening crowds... and stumbled onto a murder site..."
Belgiwig stares at Althea. "That flies beyond the bounds of laughter..."
Althea: As bizarre a circumstance as it is, it has befallen us. It pains me to have to bear such news... the victim's name was Talbo Santor d'Sivis...
Belgiwig's previously skeptical face slowly contorts into horror...
Althea: I'm... sorry... I don't know how or why this has come to be possible... but I intend to find out... and so does he...
Belgiwig squeezes his eyes shut and briefly clenches his teeth...
Belgiwig shakes slightly, tearing up...
Belgiwig: To th-think... once her e-eyes are res-stored... they still won't s-see what she r-really wants...
Althea blinks, then nods. "She hasn't taken the news well, from what I'm told... ...how long has she been blind?"
Belgiwig: S-since yesterday morning. My duties... were simply grass enchanted in a f-field...
Althea nods.
Althea: ...did you hear of anything that might have suggested the cause...?
Belgiwig sniffles. "...my brother... s-said he was w-warned... that Chidellof had been... exp-posed to b-blinding sickness. ...The spell I mean to u-use this m-morning... will wipe away both the weed... a-and its root."
Althea nods and looks grim. "That matches one of the possible scenarios being contemplated, though not enough to draw solid conclusions from as yet..."
Althea frowns suddenly. "...I suppose that would work as well on other sources of blindness, for that matter..."
Belgiwig nods.
Althea: There are still a lot of unanswered questions about what's happened... but one thing we are fairly certain of at this point... is that Talbo attacked someone with a knife... and was killed in a counterattack...
Belgiwig glances up from his desk in shock. "What?!..."
Althea: It's possible the cause of Chidellof's blindness is related to the motive for this altercation...
Belgiwig shakes his head in disbelief. "But.. h-he'd sooner turn to Aureon than the Fury... to res-solve that..."
Althea nods. "That was the impression that Edgeworth received when speaking with Chidellof yesterday evening... Nonetheless, he had her knife sheath concealed on his person, and... I witnessed the psychic echoes of his attack myself..."
Belgiwig shakes his head again... "Five words... defeat a th-thousand swords. Chidellof m-might not believe that... but my b-brother... h-he didn't reject it comp-pletely."
Althea: But the two of them both have experience with swords defeating words, don't they...
Belgiwig: Their reactions diverged. Chidellof leaped a barrier... that T-Talbo balanced atop.
Althea nods. "Nonetheless, I wonder if he might have lost that sense of balance... if he perceived an immediate threat to her..."
Belgiwig pauses for a moment to further regather himself, running his fingers through his beard.
Belgiwig: ...Possibly, possibly... he did say he was "warned" of her exposure in his request for me to call Irian's light to her aid...
Althea: I... really regret having to even ask this, but I know Edgeworth will have this concern and I have to agree with the logic of it... it might be best to delay healing her condition until we can determine with some certainty how it was caused...
Althea: We... have a suspect in custody. He... was seemingly left to Edgeworth rather than dealt with by the Trust... It's possible he just acted in self-defense... or it's possible he provoked this very attack...
Belgiwig looks stupified.
Althea: I can find no other explanation than that something about the nature of this altercation is such that they felt it was an acceptable opportunity to... observe how he would behave in this situation...
Belgiwig: ...
Althea: ...I wish I had better answers for you...
Belgiwig: But... but h-he... why w-would...
Althea: We don't know... we do know there are some extenuating circumstances regarding the suspect; he has reason to believe that he and his family... are no longer under the Trust's protection...
Belgiwig suddenly glares at Althea. "Then why didn't he die?! Why my brother?!..."
Belgiwig can contain himself no longer, shuddering with impending sobs...
Althea: We... don't know that either... All we know is how the altercation itself played out... and that someone tried to hide evidence of Talbo's attack...
Althea: The knife sheath was found... but the knife had already been removed from the scene when we arrived... most likely by an arcane spellcaster, though a druid or ranger can't be ruled out...
Belgiwig pulls out a handkerchief, covering his hand with it and lowering his head onto said hand such that it covers his eyes...
Althea looks aside. "I can wait outside and see that you are not disturbed, if you wish..."
Belgiwig chokes out, "P-please..."
Althea nods and stands, heading for the door.

Meanwhile, while Edgeworth and Althea are both occupied, Dil solicits Illyvalen's assistance with translating Edgeworth's notes regarding his first experience of casting a spell. By the time Althea has made her way back to the first basement, they've moved on to discussing with Tikra the research on apparent instances of the divine speaking through scryers.

The rest of the hour passes on such subjects. Sunrise comes and goes and its colors fade to those of daytime, something observable not just outside, but in the prayer rooms in the fourth basement as well. Finally, Edgeworth's grey eyes slowly open an hour after dawn's first light, amazement reflected within them.

Edgeworth: To think that there's any reality buried within such an experience as that is still a strange notion to contemplate...
Edgeworth traces a particularly simple three-dimensional rune in the air with one hand. And yet, the evidence lies within me, waiting to be presented at the proper time.
Edgeworth shakes his head, then pulls out his organizer and writes a bit in it. That time, I performed three distinct acts of will at once — replacing the spell I'd cast, retaining one I had yet to cast, and releasing one uncast spell into... that from whence it came only to replace it with a different one.
Edgeworth grits his teeth. I'm certain that I understood in the moment how I was achieving such things, and yet that comprehension has slipped from my grasp!
Edgeworth fumes slightly. Is this one of the factors that contributed to the slow progress of scientific study of this field?
Edgeworth sighs. Certainly there must have been some progress made in understanding the mechanics of this given that the Archival Foundation was able to invent an entirely different form of divine spellcasting. Perhaps once the more pressing concerns at hand are dealt with, I could question Dil concerning the matter.
Edgeworth's expression firms as he heads for the door. But for now, far more material truths await.
Edgeworth repockets his organizer and pen as he heads upstairs...

Once he reaches the first basement, Edgeworth finds Althea, Dil, Tikra, and Illyvalen at the same gnomish-height table, still conversing. Some of the others in the room are making no effort at concealing their eavesdropping.

Edgeworth approaches the table and crosses his arms, tapping his finger as he waits for a good point in the conversation to interrupt.
Althea looks up momentarily, breaking off mid-sentence. "Ah, you're back. I've spoken with Belgiwig briefly, though I'm not sure he'll be in condition to discuss matters further for a while..."
Edgeworth blinks in mild surprise at being addressed in English at this time, even as he takes out his organizer. "Is there something important to discuss?"
Althea: I did find out a few more details. Belgiwig already knew about Chidellof's blindness, which has been attributed to blinding sickness, based upon Talbo receiving a warning about such...
Edgeworth's expression takes on a serious glare.
Althea: He was planning to heal her this morning, using a spell that would remove both the blindness and the underlying illness.
Edgeworth: "Was", implying that you advised him to allow us the opportunity to examine her condition first?
Althea: Much as it pains me to suggest it, I did indicate that it would be wise to delay healing her for now, given that the cause may well be extremely relevant to the situation we're investigating...
Althea: Especially since the spell I believe he has in mind would cure her blindness regardless of whether it is truly from blinding sickness, or induced by other means; moreover, it could potentially erase any trace of the cause of her condition, and would certainly make any such trace difficult to detect.
Edgeworth smirks, though his determination is clear through it. "There's no need for shame in your actions — you've done well. Once the truth is clear, there'll be no need for her suffering to continue; this is but a temporary prolonging."
Althea frowns and looks away. "...it goes against my nature to prolong people's suffering, even if temporarily."
Dil, currently wearing the translation helmet for his work, winces but doesn't comment.
Illyvalen puts a hand on Althea's shoulder comfortingly. "It's okay... we'll just be as quick as we can, right?"
Edgeworth: As I said before, I'm accustomed to resolving situations such as these quickly.
Edgeworth shrugs and shakes his head, smirking. "I simply don't do so by tiptoeing around eggshells."
Dil mutters something under his breath, though both Edgeworth and Althea overhear it: "They aren't your hands to stick into fires for your evidence, you know."
Edgeworth frowns at Dil...
Althea glances at Dil and shakes her head. "Much as it may disturb me on some level, both Chidellof and Belgiwig may have something valuable to gain in terms of peace of mind, should our efforts provide a better explanation for the tragedy than what we could currently offer..."
Illyvalen glances at Dil, then back to Edgeworth and Althea. "Um, what?"
Edgeworth: And I'm entirely confident that they will, so long as we do everything in our power to ensure as much.
Dil shrugs. "Well, I guess not every surprise is pleasant."
Edgeworth looks back to Althea. "Concerning this 'warning', what were you able to learn about it?"
Althea: Not very much. I hope to inquire further once the wound is not so fresh...
Edgeworth briefly looks mildly annoyed, but shakes it off quickly.
Althea: At any rate, once we've squared away arrangements between our suspect's captors and wife, we have two immediate leads to pursue; what evidence we can glean of the cause of Chidellof's condition, and the matter of our outside witness to the... earlier altercation.
Edgeworth removes his new page of notes from his organizer finally while Althea speaks. "Concerning the latter, we would need to find her before we could speak with her. Someone well-acquainted with this city would be best-suited to that task."
Edgeworth hands the small page to Dil.
Althea: I'd imagine Nathaniel might be the best to ask once he's free, he knows who's who in the performing arts world to some extent.
Edgeworth smirks. "If that's the case, then I would imagine so as well."
Althea: Probably best if Illyvalen and I handle meeting with Chidellof. ...and given her reputation, probably best if Tikra is there to back us up as well. I'm hoping to have a further chance to speak with Belgiwig first, but we don't want to delay too long.
Edgeworth puts his organizer away again. "Indeed, there's quite a bit more I wish to know about this 'warning'."
Althea: ...for that matter, we should have someone with us who's prepared to cast Detect Magic...
Dil frowns. "Sorry, I didn't know anything like this was going on last night..."
Althea shakes her head. "No way you could have."
Edgeworth smirks, spreading his arms. "Both that and Detect Poison are available to me at the moment, given the circumstances."
Althea nods. "For that matter, Dil could cast from a scroll if we procured one."
Illyvalen: Um, but Detect Magic wouldn't detect blinding sickness, would it?
Althea: Exactly.
Illyvalen looks confused for a moment, but then nods shortly after. "Oh, right."
Althea: I guess the question is whether we're better off splitting up to cover more ground, or sticking together to make sure we can handle anything that comes up.
Dil puts his finger to his lip. "I could replace one of the scrolls from here, though as much as I have to translate it might take a while before I could get to that..."
Althea: I could just buy one from upstairs, for that matter.
Edgeworth crosses his arms, glowering. "If you believe it necessary to exclude me from that branch of the investigation, you could say as much directly."
Althea: Necessary, no. Prudent? Not entirely sure either way. Really, I'd say it's your call. You're the one who's got experience resolving these kinds of situations in mere days.
Edgeworth: Someone should accompany Mr. Salyrria, to serve as an extra set of eyes if nothing else. Under the circumstances, I believe Dil would be the best choice.
Dil half-frowns in disappointment, but shrugs.
Edgeworth raises his finger to his temple, smirking. "After all, I've been a drain on resources as is; it would be wasteful to stand aside at a time when I can, in a sense, pay my own way."
Althea: Hmm... Feels like we're spreading ourselves a bit thin, but it's probably the best we can do under the circumstances.
Edgeworth's expression firms slightly to a businesslike mask. "We should meet back here once we're finished with our respective tasks. With luck, that will allow us the opportunity to speak with Belgiwig again as well."
Dil grins. "I hope I'll at least get to see that."
Althea looks to Tikra. "We're planning to split up a bit. Most of us will be heading to see Chidellof shortly; Dil is going to meet up with Nathaniel and try to track down our other lead from last night. I'm hoping you can back me up in case things don't go entirely smoothly when talking with Ms. Vadin..."
Tikra blinks, then nods. "I will do what I can to assist."
Althea turns back to Edgeworth. "I'll need a couple of minutes to let Nathaniel know what's going on."
Edgeworth: Very well.