After spending the rest of the afternoon and much of the evening at the chess meet, Edgeworth reluctantly leaves in order to ensure that he'll be up before dawn the next morning.

The next thing the prosecutor is aware of, however, is a strange vista: he's now standing on an island primarily comprised of a rocky beach, though with soil and trees in the center. He himself isn't in his usual suit, but is fittingly attired only in a pair of bright red swimming trunks. In the distance, figures seem to be slithering atop the ocean. Before he has much time to reflect on the contents of this dream, however, the ocean begins to rise, quickly beginning to swallow the island...

Edgeworth's eyes widen as he quickly retreats for the island's center.

Edgeworth is once again aware of a separate sense of analytical curiosity regarding the situation, somewhat detached, but also seeming mildly disturbed on a couple of different levels.

Edgeworth quickly looks the trees over, trying to determine which is most climbable. This dream seems to trouble you more than the last.
Althea: It's becoming more difficult to believe I am witnessing seemingly every dream you have here simply because of some kind of situational necessity... Moreover, if I am merely a witness, why should you be aware of how I'm feeling...?
Edgeworth chooses a tree with a particularly leafy top and attempts to begin climbing, but only manages to fall off while a few feet up and land roughly.
Edgeworth: Agh!...
Edgeworth climbs to his feet, wincing but only a little bit worse for the wear.
Althea: Ow... I think you should be a little more careful in your decisions.
Edgeworth stares out at the encroaching water. You felt my pain as well?

By now, the beach is mostly gone...

Althea: I'm not entirely sure if I 'felt' it per se or was merely intimately aware of it to the point of reacting spontaneously... Not sure the distinction really matters either...
Althea: ...seems like this really is the best option as far as something to try and climb, though...
Althea: I don't think there's much help I can offer at this point.
Edgeworth turns back to the tree and attempts to climb it once more. Unfortunately, I'm not the most athletic of men.
Althea: I'm not much good at that either, even if I could somehow climb in your stead.
Edgeworth struggles to even reach the first limb, even as the water begins to encroach on the soil...
Edgeworth: Blast!...
Althea: I... think something's up there.
Edgeworth looks up. I fail to see anything amiss...
Althea: ...we've got company.
Edgeworth pales at the transmitted gist even as the water finally reaches his feet, then glowers. Then I suppose there's no other choice...
Edgeworth looks over his shoulder at the rising ocean uneasily.
Althea: What precisely is it about the water...?
Edgeworth frowns. I'm... not entirely certain, save that I know I cannot swim forever and indeed may drown.

The treetop suddenly rustles far more audibly, attracting the prosecutor's wide-eyed attention.

Edgeworth grits his teeth, shakes his head, then begins a brisk walk into the ocean before breaking into a swim above the former beach.

Suddenly, a tsucora drops down from the tree Edgeworth was trying to climb before and onto the surface of the water. With a hiss, it begins pursuit!

Edgeworth begins swimming faster in his panic.
Althea: They'll be able to follow you as long as you stay on the surface. You may have no other escape than to submerge and hope your different form here isn't just for show...
Edgeworth: Different form?! What are you talking about?!
Althea: You didn't notice?, I suppose I'd have been able to tell if you did.
Althea: Your neck.
Edgeworth glances over his shoulder while gasping for breath between strokes, noting his pursuer's superior speed. As you may have noticed, I don't have the luxury of time for a thorough self-examination!
Althea: If I'm not mistaken, you seem to have a pair of organs on your neck that are typically found in many common forms of aquatic life —
Edgeworth appears impatient. I know what gills are, Althea!
Althea: I presume you know what they're used for, then.

Unfortunately — or, then again, perhaps fortunately — the distraction of the conversation is enough to allow a wave to throw him off, causing him to begin to sink even as the quori closes enough to attempt a sting. Seawater irritates the prosecutor's eyes, causing him to squeeze them shut in self-defense.

Within a second of Edgeworth becoming fully submerged, however, the world of the dream suddenly lurches in a deeply unnatural way. Suddenly, the depths of the ocean are above him and the pull of gravity is towards the surface, even though the water itself and the tsucora slithering on its surface seem to be obeying the previous rules...

Edgeworth struggles to maintain his equilibrium and not fall to the surface in the wake of the shift, barely containing the urge to cry out.
Althea: ...that's... disconcerting...

Though Edgeworth doesn't consciously send it or put it into words, the seer can make out the emotions that would underlie a shudder even as the prosecutor struggles with his bearings. Unfortunately, it's all he can do just to remain stationary and out of the reach of the stinger plunging into the water after him.

Edgeworth: Wh-what the hell...?!
Althea: Gravitational shifts like that aren't that unheard of in some planes; in non-dream portions of Dal Quor individuals direct their own gravity, and I think I might have heard of there being places in Lammania or Thelanis where the gravity changes...
Edgeworth seems too disturbed by and busy struggling with his circumstances to be paying much attention to Althea's comparisons.

After several more seconds of this, Edgeworth's frantic paddling slows as panic begins to give way to puzzlement...

Edgeworth: My breath...
Edgeworth swims upward, deeper into the water, with his eyes still firmly shut. Once comfortably out of reach of the surface, he begins feeling his neck with one hand...
Edgeworth: ...It seems you were correct.
Althea: I wasn't sure whether your world had any creatures with both lungs and gills, given what you've mentioned before about the lack of certain kinds of diversity there.
Edgeworth: I'm not familiar with the details, though do know that amphibious creatures exist.
Althea: Again, keep in mind I can't assume the commonality of many forms of knowledge between us.
Edgeworth: Indeed — many beings known here are either fictional or unheard of where I'm from.
Edgeworth grits his teeth in frustration. A pity my eyes apparently aren't also so conveniently adapted to the scenario.
Althea: So I am aware... Not much to be done about that.
Althea: At least, not unless you have a somewhat more metaphysical adaptation that could serve in mundane vision's stead.
Edgeworth sighs out a bubble even as he slowly climbs deeper into the ocean. Even if that were the case, how would I determine such a thing?
Althea: I'm not entirely sure; I've heard of a 'third eye' in both seer lore and obscure planar magical tradition, but I don't have much detail.
Edgeworth's lips quirk in annoyance before an uncomfortable resignation sets in.
Althea: As I recall, the third eye is supposedly where clairvoyant senses originate, though given the nature of psionics it's difficult to say whether it's a literal sensory organ or merely some kind of conceptual construct. The obvious difficulty being determining how that would relate to a divine caster and their differing experience.
Althea: You have already experienced some forms of perception beyond those of your normal senses, so perhaps that can be some sort of guide.
Edgeworth: If no other choice remains, then at the very least I have been reassured of my ability to regard such perceptions coldly despite the accompanying impulse to do otherwise.
Althea: Another choice probably does remain...
Althea: I think you should consider the matter carefully; there is a lot you're capable of, and you're going through a lot of growth right now. I can't judge your limits well enough to advise you whether you should move forward on something like this or hold back...
Edgeworth pauses in his slow upward swim long enough to rub his temple. This dreamscape is far from the only thing in my life that's been turned upside-down since my arrival.
Althea: Ultimately, it has to be your choice whether to walk down a path that will see you more fully realizing divinatory capabilities, with the potential consequences that that may entail...
Edgeworth shivers a bit as he makes another upward stroke.
Althea: As for short term, I may be able to aid you, if incompletely; my own vision is not impaired by the state of your eyes...
Althea: I can say you seem to be out of any immediate danger. The tsucora pursuing you remains on the nearby surface, but cannot follow any further. There may be others in the distance, but they too are bound to the surface.
Edgeworth nods.
Althea: I will say this: I have the distinct impression that you are more resilient than you may give yourself credit for being; if you do walk this path, I do believe you can weather it, even should it be extremely trying. Even so, however, I cannot truly know the full consequences myself...
Edgeworth: You seem rather convinced that an action taken in a dream will necessarily impact reality. Granted, given the events of the past week and a half, I... cannot so readily discount that as a possibility.
Edgeworth holds his head in one hand. What has become of my life? What have I become?...
Althea: Once again, it is a question of the symbolic significance. It's less a question of direct consequences, and more that opening yourself up to this is the same act whether it takes place in a dream or while awake.
Althea: It's less about the specifics and more about the choice you're making.
Althea: Whether to embrace your newfound strengths or keep them at arm's length...
Edgeworth's features harden. A fire may provide light by which to see and heat by which to effect change, but to embrace it would be to immolate oneself.
Edgeworth: And yet... it is clear that I cannot successfully... commune with the truth if I cannot grow. I can scarcely endure what I've naturally restricted myself to in self-defense!
Althea: I cannot say what is the proper pace for your development. Nevertheless, it may be significant that this circumstance has presented itself now...
Edgeworth: Must there be no middle path?! I cannot accept that my only options are to stagnate or to risk my own integrity!
Althea: It is possible that the extremes invoked are something of a false choice, similar to the competing truths of the inevitable and the undead from an earlier dream...
Edgeworth: ...
Edgeworth: Given past events, I can envision one possible compromise. Perhaps it would be within my capabilities to evaluate the veracity of your guidance even as you give it. Wi can.
Althea: True... in that case, do you want me to actively test it by arbitrarily varying the veracity of said...?
Edgeworth: That would likely exercise it well, yes. ...It's strange; I have the most peculiar feeling of having guessed one of my potentials correctly.
Edgeworth frowns...
Althea: So I heard. Truth domain helps with that.
Edgeworth looks puzzled. "Heard"?
Althea: Perceived via whatever the nature of our mental link; You confirmed to yourself that you were thus capable.
Edgeworth shakes his head after a moment. Anyway, shall we begin?
Althea: If there's a bottom to this ocean, the light doesn't reach it. There's not much land around, just the island you were on originally and another smaller one just beyond it.
Edgeworth 'listens' intently until... Objection.
Edgeworth frowns. You seem to have begun immediately.
Edgeworth lifts his finger to his temple, then after a moment he smirks. Was it the reference to a second island which was false?
Althea: Yes.
Althea: I don't see any other forms of life below the surface.
Edgeworth: Can this truly be referred to as being "below" the surface under the circumstances?
Althea: Arguments can be made either way. Certainly the previous norms still apply to the quori on the surface.
Althea: In a sense both sides are 'above' the surface, so I suppose I should seek alternative language.
Edgeworth pauses in his slow swimming to rub his forehead. I hope that absurdity to this degree remains confined to dreams.
Althea: You might want to avoid manifest zones to Thelanis, then.
Edgeworth: You've already mentoned this "Thelanis" twice tonight. Can you elaborate?
Althea: Thelanis, the Faerie Court. It's the realm from which the fey originate, and takes on the form of a great forest of otherworldly beauty.
Althea: The relationship of time between Thelanis and the material plane is a bit unusual. Time passes about seven times faster in the material plane than in Thelanis, but effects such as aging are amplified by the transition back to the material plane...
Edgeworth: That alone makes it sound rather dangerous.
Althea: The other defining feature is a tendency toward arbitrarity; any given place in Thelanis may function according to its own rules, or the rules of particular fey who control it.
Edgeworth: Hence your earlier advice.
Althea: And yes, staying in Thelanis for any significant length of time is ill-advised unless you plan to remain indefinitely.
Althea: The plane's energies are aligned with chaos and antithetical to law.
Edgeworth glowers suddenly as best he can with his eyes closed. Objection.
Edgeworth: If not for the circumstances, I likely would have believed that last statement. I'm left to wonder if this exercise is simpler under our current circumstances than it otherwise would be.
Althea: Probably. It's difficult to know whether I'm providing additional clues given the somewhat intimate nature of the current connection, or whether your abilities are simply stronger in this context, or both. It'll take more time and growth for such methods to become more fully reliable in normal circumstances.
Edgeworth grimaces. Then perhaps this was a waste of time after all.
Althea: I doubt it. It's still giving you a better sense of what the experience is like.
Edgeworth: Hmph. Point taken, though I question your phrasing thereof.
Althea: Oh?
Edgeworth: As far as I'm aware, this is a new experience.
Althea: Really? I thought I observed signs of it earlier...
Edgeworth: When was this?
Althea: When you... er... interrogated me regarding the nightmare you witnessed.
Edgeworth hmphs. I'd thought that was simply my mind playing tricks on me in my fatigue. Do you have reason to believe otherwise?
Althea: While you normally wouldn't be able to do that at this stage of your development, you've already demonstrated that you're capable of pushing your limits. I suspect you may have been trying a little too hard to sense how trustworthy my words were...
Edgeworth's brow furrows. It was a matter of the utmost importance.

Edgeworth is aware that something in his manner on the subject disturbs Althea somewhat.

Edgeworth eases off somewhat at that impression, though looks aloof. Is there a problem with my assertion?
Althea: In pragmatic terms, it's worth noting that whenever certain types of magic might be in play, avoiding subjects is typically safer than lying about them; a detectable untruth can speak volumes...
Edgeworth: One would imagine.
Althea: Furthermore... you yourself spoke of law not being perfect. Had I admitted a crime committed in the pursuit of what I felt was the greater good, would you feel obligated to find an authority to report me to? Do you have enough of a grasp of our law to surmise whether I'd then face justice or the persecution of a corrupt system?

There's some strong emotional conflict behind this question... Is she hiding some kind of guilt? Or has she perhaps grappled with this issue herself and failed to reach a satisfactory answer?

Edgeworth quickly grows resolute. Certainly, it would be foolhardy to take action without further information and evidence. Furthermore, I wouldn't wish Zilargo's brand of so-called "justice" on anyone!
Edgeworth: That being said, the law isn't to be cast aside on a whim — how, then, would it serve its purpose?!
Althea: Then I suppose you do at least begin to understand the difficulties...
Edgeworth: I've cast aside youthful folly. Wyu've remembered justice.
Althea: That was you trying to break out of the mausoleum...
Edgeworth's eyebrows raise as he recoils at that observation, then he takes on a grim expression. So you've realized.
Edgeworth: Certainly, the evidence in your possession was growing overwhelming.
Althea: It's not my place to judge your sins, particularly when I have my own questions about the meaning of justice to wrestle with... the extremity of the imagery surrounding your own impressions on the matter is striking, however.
Edgeworth shrugs and shakes his head. Perhaps to you.
Edgeworth: In any case, that is only one matter which troubles me. Another which has yet to be addressed is the seeming contradiction I must face come dawn.
Althea: I don't know how much help I can be regarding that matter; you've contacted the divine already, so quite frankly you understand the experience better than I do at this point; none of my knowledge comes from experience, nor does any of that knowledge include mappings to the symbolism of your faith...
Edgeworth glances aside disdainfully. As you may recall, that so-called "symbolism" is oriented toward the performance of a mundane job, not drawing magical spells from...
Edgeworth shakes his head, not being able to easily put the concept in only a few words.
Althea: ...typically a cleric would be reaching out to that... essence for guidance on the next steps... Even the otherwise impersonal Silver Flame has a human aspect that can speak as its Voice when a personal connection is required... That you have no conception connected with it on which a personal level of connection is possible may complicate this stage for you...
Edgeworth treads water briefly, caught in a mix of irritation, intimidation, mild offense, and frustration. These shouldn't be my limits! Is there nothing left to be deduced?! Am I really so weak that I can't endure enough to properly investigate on my own?! It isn't even as though I expect to bear the burden of the whole of the truth!
Althea: ...I don't know. The path you need to walk is not necessarily like that of other clerics, even if it shares many of the same features. That's part of why both Dil and I have had a difficult time advising you throughout this process.
Edgeworth takes a moment to attempt to recontain his emotions, even as he continues his upward swim.
Althea: Moreover, you've only been in contact with it twice thus far. Isn't it a bit early to be drawing conclusions about what your limits are?
Edgeworth looks dour and impatient. The first time, I experienced all of it at once in an instant that I'm amazed didn't shatter my mind entirely. The second time, it was a matter both maddeningly finite and arduous to endure for long.
Althea: It gets easier. That's all I think I can really say...
Edgeworth: Mmnnnghrrgh..
Althea: ...though I wonder, given the situation, if perhaps in a way you need to reach out to yourself for guidance...
Edgeworth: ...
Edgeworth seems uncertain and conflicted.
Althea: Your intuition is likely a more reliable source on what you need to do next than anyone else can be right now.
Althea: You aren't necessarily asking it for your answers... just to show you how to find your answers...
Edgeworth: ...
Edgeworth: Even if I could trust such a... resource, it runs contrary to my strengths.
Althea: Even so, it may prove to be what is necessary... Particularly if you truly believe your efforts are stagnating...
Edgeworth: ...I see no path to the truth that doesn't involve a change of methodology. To continue as I did last dawn would constitute not merely searching for a needle in a haystack, but doing so in one the size of a continent... while allergic to hay.
Edgeworth turns his head aside.
Edgeworth: ...And yet... Wyu can judge.
Edgeworth's upward stroke falters briefly, as though he were startled by something.
Edgeworth shakes his head, then lifts his finger to his temple... It is true that Illyvalen pointed out to me that I can evaluate such things...
Edgeworth grins. Perhaps such a change in methods need not entail entirely abandoning my strengths. Wi throw myrselv at the mercy of the court.
Althea doesn't comment, but seems amused.
Edgeworth takes on a disdainful look. And just what do you find so amusing, Althea?
Althea: Just the unique nature of your idiosyncrasies. At any rate, it sounds like you're ready.
Edgeworth smirks confidently. Indeed.

Edgeworth's awakening from this dream is sudden, though he doesn't do much more than gasp and roll over.

Edgeworth: ...That dream was incredibly surreal.
Edgeworth shakes his head. Can I really take its events seriously on any level?
Edgeworth sits up. Regardless of whether I can or cannot, the methodology proposed for this coming dawn may well be the best chance I have...
Edgeworth looks down at his lap. Provided, that is, that I am in fact worthy of trust.
Edgeworth closes his eyes and lies back down. Given yesterday's events, I should rest until room service arrives to wake me.

After a brief nap, Edgeworth is woken up by an unmarked Ghallanda halfling. After going through a bit of basic self-maintenance, the prosecutor once more enters the Archive, clearly deep in thought.

Dil is currently in the process of what appears at first glance to simply be writing without a pen. On closer inspection, however, the movements of his fingers are too repetitive to match any meaningful writing.
Edgeworth approaches and takes a closer look. Is this the "Amanuensis" spell he mentioned before? For that matter, is that not my writing from the day before last?
Dil looks up from and pauses in his effort. "Oh, good morning. I think I'm going to need to take up Althea's offer of help with translating this — plus people may want to magically read the original anyway — if you're wondering why I'm doing this."
Edgeworth: Actually, seeing this spell in action raises questions given that the duplicates appear to be in my own handwriting. Specifically, is there any way to determine the difference between an original copy and a duplicate other than to detect any residual energy? After all, there are limits to the spells that can do such things.
Dil shrugs and returns to his work. "Belgiwig's probably the best person to ask that, or you may find out once you start studying law."
Dil: All I know is that there is a difference experts can detect.
Edgeworth crosses his arms. "Hrm..."
Dil completes a copy and sets it atop two others. "The blankets are already laid out in case you faint again."
Edgeworth nods, then heads for the stairs down...

After having a glass of water in the break room, Edgeworth takes his place in the fourth floor again...

Edgeworth: It seems that once more, simultaneous trust and doubt has become necessary.
Edgeworth smirks. I would imagine that, as Althea implied, this is where my path diverges from that of the typical cleric, if only by a hair.
Edgeworth grins smugly. After all, the value of doubt is apparently a relatively new concept in this particular field.
Edgeworth looks to the wall with a determined glare. It's time to determine what is truly being enhanced within me — and given the dangers of this path, that time will recur on a daily basis.
Edgeworth smirks. I suppose that dawn is therefore "the moment of truth" in yet another way.
Edgeworth calms himself over the course of a couple of minutes, then his eyes close...

As before, once light appears on the horizon, Edgeworth's eyes twitch lightly as though he were dreaming...

Edgeworth soon begins to mumble under his breath in a monotone, seemingly unaware of his own words...
Edgeworth: ...for what reason was this arrangement accepted?...
Edgeworth: ...if that's the case, then why delay?...
Edgeworth: the need not obvious?...
Edgeworth: ...incomplete?...
Edgeworth: ...yes, glaringly so. Is the intended implication...?
Edgeworth: ...then it's time to seize the moment, that all these needs can begin to be met...
Edgeworth suddenly breathes in sharply, then his breathing grows heavier and the motions of his eyes grow more pronounced.

Across Korranberg, Althea suddenly has the sensation of at once standing in and being a cold, clarifying light, bright enough it seems it should blind, and yet it doesn't. Small comets of many other kinds of light shoot past from ahead and behind, while larger ones are held at bay.

Time is complete in this vision, making it impossible to discern exactly how long it takes, but eventually two of the smaller comets allowed to pass through the area as well as one of the larger ones shift into a decaying orbit about "her"...

Finally, the comets converge on and seemingly enter "her"... and yet not; there is a sense of the comets having transformed into dams at the edges of the soul, holding back floods of energy from ineffable directions.

Illyvalen: Um, Althea...?

The library where the research team meets is not very busy this early in the day, but a number of the members of said team have already gathered there, talking a little of various matters while awaiting the rest of the group. Given the somewhat loose nature of the discussion, it's a few moments before Althea's silence is noticed enough for people to begin to take notice of her blank, unfocused expression.

David looks over at the halfling. "Er... is she all right?"
Tikra: I believe she may be having a vision.
David: Hmmm. Does this happen often?
Tikra: So it would seem.
Illyvalen: What's going on, Althea? Can you hear me?
Althea responds emotionlessly, her expression still blank. "The prosecution is ready."
Illyvalen: W-what...?
Tikra: ...that's 'his' language, isn't it?
Illyvalen: Um, yeah... she said something like 'The prosecution is ready.'
David: Intriguing... Should one of us be acting as the defense, then?
Tikra: I do not think it wise to play games with something like this.
David: Who stands accused?
Althea: Falsehood, ignorance, and injustice.
Illyvalen repeats in Gnomish.
David: Who would stand in defense of such shady concepts, I wonder?
David: Is the defense ready?
Althea: The defense is ignorant of its status as such.
David considers this response as Illyvalen relates it. "So ignorance represents itself, then?"
David: And who presides over such a grand trial?
Althea: Infinite truth.
David: Certainly this all seems very much in line with the claims that have been put forward thus far...
Tikra shakes her head but doesn't comment.
Illyvalen: Is... Althea okay?
Althea: The witness in question is currently occupied in her role.
Tikra: How frequently is she to be called to that role?
Althea: Regularly throughout her life. This will not and has not changed.
Illyvalen: This feels kind of creepy...
David: Did the prosecution call this witness?
Althea: Yes. The prosecution calls witnesses autonomously.
Tikra: ...
David: That seems somewhat disturbing...
David: What would you have this witness establish?
Althea blinks. "What would I what...?" She puts a hand to her forehead, disoriented.
Tikra: Are you back with us, seer?
Althea looks toward Tikra, then the other team members. "Sorry about that. I think our mysterious cleric made some progress on coming to terms with... his connection to the divine."
David: So it appeared...
Illyvalen: Are you okay? That was... kinda scary...
Althea looks to Illyvalen. "Just a little lightheaded. Why, what happened?"
David: It seems you were called as a witness for the prosecution.
Althea: That's one way of putting it, certainly, but I don't... wait...
Althea: mean I was speaking for him?
Tikra: Something of that nature...
Althea shakes her head. "For my part I'm not sure how readily I can describe what I witnessed. I should probably focus on putting those impressions to paper before discussing anything else..."
Tikra nods. "We should discuss the testimony you provided once you are finished. It may speak to your concerns."
Althea nods slowly, before taking out writing materials and beginning the process of recording her vision.

Before much longer, Edgeworth comes out of his trance with a haunted expression.

Edgeworth: That was...
Edgeworth shakes his head. I highly doubt an experience of that nature can be taken at face value, however profound the emotional content might be.
Edgeworth raises a finger to his temple. Is there anything I can deduce about what, if anything, really took place just now?
Edgeworth looks down at himself while moving his hand halfway under his cravat to cover his heart. One sensation seems to be lingering — I still feel as though barely-contained power is pressing against the outskirts of my being...
Edgeworth rubs his forehead. I've been here too long — that almost sounded sensible.
Edgeworth lapses into thought once more. Aside from that, this was easily the second most intense experience I've had in this pursuit. That's far from guaranteed to be relevant, but the most intense one was of importance, so neither should it be so easily dismissed.
Edgeworth: What occurred was a strain to endure, yet I had the impression that my endurance — along with everything else about me — was enhanced during that... time.
Edgeworth: It does make logical sense that such would be necessary for me to successfully weather something so much stronger than what I failed to yesterday... provided, at least, that my perceptions can be trusted at all on this matter.
Edgeworth taps his temple and grins. Perhaps this is the time to discuss matters with Dil.

Edgeworth heads up to the second floor, detours for half a small glass of water, then approaches the table where Dil is. The Traveler's vassal seems to be taking an inventory of various inks at the moment.

Edgeworth: Pardon me.
Dil looks up and grins. "Well, good to see you're okay."
Edgeworth glances aside awkwardly. "Er... I believe I require your expert testimony before I can be certain of that."
Dil raises an eyebrow. "Before I do that, I'd like you to do two things first."
Edgeworth crosses his arms. "Oh?"
Dil: First, mentally review the meanings you've ascribed to various spells so far.
Edgeworth taps his finger. "To what end?"
Dil shrugs. "Just a test."
Edgeworth: ...Very well.
Edgeworth unfolds his arms and lapses into thought for a moment...
Edgeworth looks startled for a moment. Did one of those lingering impressions just... react?
Dil grins.
Edgeworth returns to his contemplation with a more serious look...
Edgeworth ultimately looks back to Dil with wider eyes.
Dil: As for the second thing... if I'm right, you have something important to write down in your own words now. Right?
Edgeworth looks resolute. "The evidence isn't decisive yet, but I certainly see the logic in recording my own statement first."
Dil: The mundane inks are in the usual place; it's the magically-active ones I'm taking an inventory of.
Edgeworth: Understood.

Over the course of the next hour and a half, Edgeworth writes about his latest subjective experience.

Edgeworth fans the latest page once he finishes, then reorders the pages and heads over to Dil, who has fetched the helmet in the meantime.
Dil accepts the papers once Edgeworth offers them. "Done already?"
Edgeworth crosses his arms. "Obviously."
Dil half-frowns at that reaction, then shrugs it off and begins to look Edgeworth's writing over...
Dil frowns early in. "The dream thing happened again?"
Edgeworth: Apparently so, though I wish to verify the point with Althea herself before drawing conclusions given the unusual surreality of the dream in question.
Dil hmms and continues reading...
Dil smirks eventually.
Edgeworth taps his finger on his arm. I suppose he never imagined he'd see the day that a lawyer would cross-examine himself...
Dil looks up with a hint of sympathy. "About your concerns... I've heard stranger from perfectly sane people. As long as this kind of perspective doesn't invade your usual consciousness outside of spells and the like, you shouldn't worry about it."
Edgeworth glares at Dil. "Spells can alter one's awareness so drastically?"
Dil nods. "You might remember reading about the enchantment school and certain subschools of illusion, but even attempts to divine the future tend to be unique to the caster."
Edgeworth's glare hardens. "And no other divinatory spells?"
Dil winces. "You don't normally treat your witnesses this way, do you?"
Edgeworth's glare breaks with a frown. "My apologies."
Dil sighs in relief. "Thank you. Anyway, the only other kind of divination I know of that can manifest in strange ways are certain extremely powerful, open-ended ones. Most others don't take significantly different forms."
Edgeworth: Hrm...
Edgeworth: I suppose I'll have to do more research to learn which divinations are more reliable. It sounds as though the most peculiar ones are of sorts unlikely to appear in my work anyway.
Dil returns to reading...
Dil raises an eyebrow, rereads a part, then nods with a grin before continuing.
Edgeworth simply continues to wait...
Dil smiles as he reaches the end, then looks up at the prosecutor.
Dil: I'm surprised at just how you did it, but it sounds to me like you've finally had complete success.
Dil: Those lingering feelings you were having a hard time describing, that were reacting to certain meanings? Those sound like prepared divine spells to me.
Edgeworth's eyes light up even as he smirks. So he does, in fact, share my suspicions.
Edgeworth: Then I see but one way to prove this theory once and for all — I must attempt to cast one of them.
Dil looks thoughtful. "About that... there are three ways we could approach it. You already know most of what you need to in order to try, just not how it all fits together. I could tell you as much as I can to help you do it now, I can just give you the last piece of the puzzle for you to assemble yourself, or I could leave everything else to you."
Edgeworth glowers at the last suggestion. "Unnecessary delays are the last thing I want!"
Dil shrugs. "As quickly as you've done this, I don't know that it would take that long, plus you've already learned how important the intuitive side you've gained is..."
Edgeworth: Even so, I would much rather have something to go on!
Dil: If I just told you the last important detail, then you can approach it lots of ways while still exercising one strength or the other, if not both, right?
Dil: After all, learning a skill isn't the end — it's just the beginning.
Edgeworth frowns dourly. While I yearn to have decisive evidence immediately, he makes a valid point concerning the long term...
Edgeworth takes on a calm, neutral expression. "...Very well."
Dil grins. "I'm glad to hear that. Most of the spells you could cast right now call for the proper gestures and an incantation, though the strongest one you have available right now also needs to use your symbol as a focus."
Dil: You know the gestures and can probably figure out a lot about the timing through some combination of your observations and intuition, so that only leaves the words — well, and the concentration you need to maintain, but that's not all that different from when you used the wand.
Edgeworth taps his finger on his arm as Dil explains...
Dil: Belgiwig calls them "poems" for a reason — ultimately it's about expressing that meaning in the language that best suits your faith. A lot of divine casters only know a few phrases of different languages because of what they had to learn to get by in their calling.
Edgeworth: There is certainly a familiar ring to that tendency...
Dil grins. "From here, you can figure it out, right?"
Edgeworth uncrosses his arms in order to lift his finger to his temple. "I believe I have enough information to consider, yes."
Edgeworth: However, I have an additional question before I do so.
Dil: All right.
Edgeworth: While I was mentally reviewing the personal meanings of various spells, the two orisons in place responded not only to their own meanings, but that I ascribe to Cure Minor Wounds as well. Why is that?
Dil grins. "Oh, that? Most clerics inherently have the potential to reshape almost any of the spells they've prayed for into either curative or destructive spells, depending on whether they have an affinity for positive or negative energy."
Edgeworth smirks. "So this is, in fact, to be expected."
Dil: Right! One of the things you'll need to learn later is how to isolate a single spell when more than one of them respond to the same meaning like that.
Edgeworth nods. I wonder if I could make progress on that aspect even now, given the circumstances.
Edgeworth: As far as the spell I ought to actually attempt to cast, however, casting Mending upon a torn piece of paper seems the wiser choice. That would provide decisive physical evidence without anyone coming to harm even temporarily in the process.
Edgeworth heads back over to the table where he was writing before, then closes his eyes and focuses on his meanings for each spell he's currently capable of casting in turn while tracing the three-dimensional sigils appropriate to each...
Edgeworth: The barriers for each feel just shy of bursting when I do this...
Edgeworth opens his eyes and shakes his head. To think that in less than two weeks, I would find myself on the brink of performing acts that I once would have insisted lay outside the realm of possibility...
Edgeworth crosses his arms. Assuming, of course, that all is as it appears.
Edgeworth: Certainly, the evidence weighs heavily in favor of the possibility that this will work — yet one thing I've learned is that every case must be proven in as complete a manner as possible.
Edgeworth grins as he taps his temple. I believe I know precisely the language that ought to be used for this purpose...
Illyvalen hurries into the first basement, looking around. "Mister Edgeworth?"
Edgeworth blinks and turns to face the newcomer. "Illyvalen, is something the matter?"
Dil looks over his shoulder at the happenings...
Illyvalen: Um, maybe. Something happened this morning, didn't it?
Edgeworth: That seems to have been the case. Did Althea have a vision concerning it?
Illyvalen: Yeah, right around sunrise, it was kinda scary. I've never seen her react that way before. Though I guess I haven't really watched her having visions much or anything...
Edgeworth's expression grows serious. "In what way?"
Illyvalen: She started saying weird things. In English.
Edgeworth frowns. "Please elaborate."
Dil blinks...
Illyvalen: Um, well, I noticed that she wasn't responding anymore and tried to get her attention, but when I tried to ask her what was going on, she said something like "The prosecution is ready."
Edgeworth's eyes widen briefly, then he glares. "Is she still at the Library? Do you know anything concerning her plans this morning?"
Illyvalen cowers slightly. "Um, I think she was still at the library where we have our meetings, doing some arcane research with Tikra..."
Edgeworth appears awkward at Illyvalen's reaction, then nods. "Where is it located?"
Illyvalen: Um, it's over at Soladas; do you have a campus map?
Edgeworth shakes his head. "While I've seen Althea's, I lack one of my own."
Illyvalen: Do you know where the dormitory building Tikra and Althea are at is?
Edgeworth: Unfortunately not.
Illyvalen thinks for a few moments. "Um, well, you know where Jorthem Hall in Morridan is, right? If you go north from there past about five buildings, you'll be over at Aureon's Holt. West from there is Soladas, and the place we're meeting is the library closest to the dorms over there..."
Edgeworth nods firmly. "Thank you." He then immediately heads past the gnome to the stairs up...