Turnabout Devotion

Turnabout Devotion is a small crossover IRC-based role-playing effort set in the world of Eberron. This story follows Miles Edgeworth of the Ace Attorney series as he finds himself transported into a world far different from the one he's known, where no one speaks a familiar language save a halfling seer by the name of Althea d'Jorasco, who claims to be borrowing his own knowledge of English by way of a psionic power. As if such a claim were not preposterous enough, Edgeworth is further confronted not only by claims of magic as a common, everyday occurrence, but by the discovery that he himself has a capacity for "divine magic" despite his fervent insistence that he has absolutely no religious beliefs of any kind.

Thus follows a journey of discovery as Edgeworth tries, with the help of the Archival Foundation, to make sense of this newfound ability and what it means for him, and as Althea tries to unravel the mysteries of the "atheist cleric" and his hostility toward the very ideas of magic and miracles.

Edgeworth is taken from the end of the first Ace Attorney Investigations game, which takes place after the original Phoenix Wright trilogy. Warning: This story contains significant spoilers for the final case of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations.

Language color key
White Common
Goldenrod Gnomish
Yellow Elven
Spring Green Draconic
Cyan Halfling
Default (Wheat) Earth languages (primarily English)
or beyond language barriers