Mighty Scions

Mighty Scions is an IRC-based superhero-flavored Eberron campaign set largely in the city of Sharn, Breland. A new phenomenon has been occurring among dragonmarked individuals: the developing of powers beyond those of normal magic, psionics, and dragonmark abilities. The story focuses on a group who are among the very few to first discover these new powers, and who must decide what to do with and about these powers while balancing their commitments to their House (and the risk of becoming a whole new kind of resource for their House to exploit, should the truth be known). The story is not a typical superhero scenario, but is well-rooted in Eberron's norms while adding a superhero twist and focusing on themes of self-discovery.



  1. Attack of the Black Terror: An unusual thief with the power to induce unnatural fear prompts Kyra, Liridon, Gauvain and Kale to team up to take him down, and find out who is behind him.
  2. Vengeance (log not available): A ghost from Mindflare's past shows up in Sharn looking to settle an old score...
  3. Child of Mabar (log not available): Kyra has been kidnapped! As Liridon, Kale and Gauvain try to track down their companion, their investigation settles on an apparent cleric of Dol Arrah, who now seems to be openly attacking both the Silver Flame and Dol Arrah...
  4. Deal With the Crimson Devil (log not available): With Kyra out of town, the rest of the group tries to thwart an attempted robbery by Daask, but end up with more trouble than they bargained for... (incomplete)
  5. Horrors of Light: Irian has become coterminous with Eberron, but amid the spectacular light show not all that crosses over is benign; the Prism returns to the scene along with new allies, and teams up with the Fairy Knight and the Swift Hawk to face the realm of light's own homegrown terror...
  6. Sin of the Silver Ninja: A friend of Gharta's mentor is murdered, and she takes it upon herself to try to get to the bottom of it, along with the rest of the team's help. As the investigation proceeds, it becomes clear that followers of The Traveler are being targeted; when the perpetrator strikes again, this time the victim is someone much closer...
  7. The Chains of Power: Gharta receives a bounty for two halflings who have recently entered Sharn; upon confronting them, one of the halflings, a marked scion of House Jorasco, suddenly awakens to a frightening new power, forcing both Gharta and her own partner to flee for their lives. It quickly becomes clear that this Dipali may be another like those of the group, with powers tied to Shavarath, the Battlefield. But with Dipali clearly not in control of her own powers and her whereabouts unknown, it becomes a race against time to find her before she winds up hurting someone... or inadvertently revealing the dangerous secret they all share.
  8. The Mine to Khyber (log not available): Kyra convinces his father to take him along on a business trip to Cragwar, bringing Gharta along as a bodyguard. Vision makes her way out independently, joining the group under the guise of "Sophia Ressen." Once there they find that an entrance to Khyber has opened up in a Mithril mine and is endangering the miners... (incomplete)

Status of logs:
The logs currently available are the result of our post-production-focused effort at maintaining IRC logs which read well and can be reasonably easily edited. Such logs exist in raw form for each arc, but some need a fair bit of work to clean up which has not yet been undertaken. Additionally, two arcs were never completed due to OOC difficulties (in the case of arc 4, this is related to certain cast members having to be replaced for arc 5) and thus will never be available in a truly satisfying form. Nevertheless, we do hope to eventually have most of the logs available in edited form.